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A Watercolor Comic by Tony Moy


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The story of the most decorated unit in U.S. history.

Step into the pivotal and poignant history of The 4Forty2nd, a watercolor webcomic that chronicles the remarkable journey of the The 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team,  who fought against prejudice and discrimination to become the most decorated units of their size and duration in U.S. military history. Join the brave Japanese American soldiers as they fight for their country and their identity during World War II. Through breathtaking watercolor artwork and captivating storytelling by Tony Moy, immerse yourself in the triumphs and struggles of these unsung heroes. Read the hidden history of the 100th/442nd in this  online watercolor comic now.


Currently there are 2 free episodes available. The remainder of the episodes of the first arc will be available for free in May 2023. All episodes currently available by playing World of Warships (see below) or by donating any amount to Patreon.

The Art of the 4Forty2nd


News - March 1, 2023

World of Warships sponsors the 4Forty2nd

World of Warships, the popular tactical, slow-paced shooter video game, is thrilled to announce a collaboration with celebrated watercolorist and comic artist, Tony Moy. All registered players who play at least three battles, will receive a special digital edition of the first story arc of the 4Forty2nd: The Lost Battalion digital comic. 

Due to this partnership, for a short time, the latest episodes of the comic will only be available via World of Warships, and by donating any amount to the supporting Patreon.  All episodes will be available for free again in May 2023.

About Tony Moy

Watercolorist, Comic Artist, and Writer

Tony Moy is  an international watercolorist, comic artist, and writer known for his vibrant pop culture paintings. From superheroes to fantasy art, Tony's work has been showcased at shows and conventions worldwide. He's now bringing to life the real-life story of the 442nd Battalion in his exciting new watercolor comic project '4forty2nd.'

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